our kulture, your adventure

Welcome to Nak Hair South Africa

NAK is an all Australian haircare company passionate about creating innovative and versatile haircare products for the professional hairdressing industry, salons, stylists and consumers.

Inspired by their unique location and Australian lifestyle, influenced by their sun-drenched environment, surrounding oceans and majestic landscapes which is a lot like Cape Town and that’s why we brought you these amazing NAK ranges.

Nak’s Natural Australian Kulture is reflected throughout the entire product collection of beautiful cleansing, care, treatment, styling and finishing products and we have brought you our favourites.


Their advanced formulations feature the latest in surfactant technology: ISELUX®.  Delivering gentle cleansing, it is kinder to the skin and less likely to induce skin irritations.


Consumers have become more cautious and concerned with the safety of Parabens. Our advanced high quality formulations feature the latest Paraben free technology.